Just Jesus contains the words Jesus spoke to his followers as he began, and fulfilled his ministry here among us. They have been collected here for you to have as a resource as you live in and by his words.

Jesus' messages to us on how to live with one another, how to care for one another, and, most importantly, how to love one another are found in these pages. Immerse yourself in them and be covered by them. Find strength and guidance for your life. Be encouraged. Be healed as you walk daily with him.

His words open the door to the world of the Bible. Just Jesus is the first step to a lasting relationship with your Friend and Savior.

Lindsey Clifford is a writer, speaker, and Bible study leader. She is the former radio talk-show host of "The Hopeline" in Washington, D.C. — a recovery show on healthy living using proven Biblical principles. Her books include Make A Difference Mentoring Woman to Woman with Joy Barnett. Lindsey is a founding board member of ministry.com and the Dream Center Foundation. She holds an honorary doctorate for outstanding philanthropic contribution by Victory University. She lives with her husband, Michael and their family in California.

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