"What would Jesus do?" was a trendy saying for a few years. Bracelets and t-shirts promoted this slogan and encouraged everyone to consider Jesus' thought process before they acted. It was a movement that changed a lot of lives.

But, how exactly did Jesus decide what to do? How did he go about evaluating his options and discerning the right choices? He listened to his Father and did what his Father said. And, we can learn to how to follow in his footsteps by listening to him speak to our hearts through his Word. Follow Jesus by engaging in an intimate conversation with him about anything.

You may be surprised to learn the diverse topics that Jesus talks about in the Bible. Is there an issue in your life that is overwhelming or needs resolution? It is likely that Jesus has something to say about it. He understands more than you realize.

Every time Jesus spoke, what he said was loaded with meaning on many levels. His words are collected here under topical headings so that he may speak to your heart right now.

These are his personal promises to you. What will you do with them? What does Jesus say about...